Some little kids are visited by their favorite superheroes or Disney princesses while sick in the hospital. And that’s a wonderful thing. But there’s one little girl in Scotland named Scarlett, who has way cooler favorites than any old Spider-Man or Cinderella. See, Scarlett’s most beloved characters are the classic Universal Studios horror monsters of the ’30s and ’40s. In fact, she considers Frankenstein’s monster to be her absolute favorite. So we’re going to go out on a limb and say that she’s likely the most punk rock kid you’ll ever meet.

Scarlett’s dad, whose Twitter handle is AngelusVamp (seems someone is a clearly a fan of the Buffyverse), recently reached out to the folks at Universal Studios in Florida. He wanted to see if his daughter’s favorite monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula could cheer up his little girl with a video message while she was hospitalized. It seems Scarlett has a chronic condition that requires her to have long hospital visits; during these stays she finds comfort in the black and white adventures of her favorite creatures of the night like Frankentstein, Dracula, the Mummy, and the rest.

Thankfully, the Universal Monsters obliged, and made a rare daylight appearance to wish their best friend Scarlett a speedy recovery. And you know that Dracula doesn’t come out during daylight hours in the Florida sun for just anyone. It’s got to be a special occasion for him to pull out that much sunblock. He would only ever do such a thing from their a truly devoted acolyte. And Frankenstein’s Monster clearly thinks of Scarlett as is his best friend, as you can see from the video.

A collage of Universal Monsters.

Scarlett was extremely happy that her two favorite monsters made this special “get well soon” message for her, that her dad made a video for them in return, which showed how she was practically bursting at the seems with excitement. Now, Scarlett has a pretty thick Scottish accent, but some things just transcend words. Maybe in a few years when Scarlett is a wee bit older, she can visit her best friends in person when Universal’s Epic Universe theme park opens. It will contain an entire Universal Monsters themed land, so she’ll be able to meet her faves face to face at last. Just no one tell her she’ll have to wait three years before it opens! Hopefully she won’t have moved on to Freddy and Jason by then.

It’s amazing to see that even ninety years later, the classic Universal Monsters are still making new fans. As old as those films are, they still have a special quality to them that pulls viewers into their eerie and atmospheric world. Hopefully, one of these days Universal will figure out how to properly bring those classic movie icons to life again for a whole new generation. In the meantime, the old films clearly find new ways to connect with the even the youngest audience. And that’s a pretty fantastic legacy.

Featured Image: Universal Studios