Sometimes there are unexpected mashups that just work. This mix of Harper from Stranger Things and the ’80s TV series, Magnum P.I., for example, is epically enjoyable, as is this Marvel Studios version of The Room. But while most of the bizarre mashups we’ve seen recently are from TV series or movies, the latest bizarre piece of hybrid media is only a song—although it’s “Let It Go” from Frozen in Klingon, so it’s one that will probably get stuck in your head for reH.

The Klingon cover of the song, which, if you have children, has probably been played in your home several trillion times over, was written and performed by The Klingon Pop Warrior. And if you love this this little ditty, there’s a lot more where it came from on the Pop Warrior’s YouTube channel, which features live performances. Checkout “Over the Rainbow” in the video below.

After Reddit user staq16 posted the song to Reddit’s Star Trek subreddit earlier this month, the track quickly earned mad parmaq from the forum’s community. However, while most users thought the song was on point, some took issue with the fact that Klingons are known for not enjoying the cold—nor letting things go. They also apparently don’t do a lot of other things.

Aside from the magic that arises from reproducing popular songs in Klingon, what’s probably most impressive here is the Pop Warrior’s ability to pronounce all the words correctly (presuming the pronunciation is correct; it sounds right and no users in the Star Trek subreddit that we found took issue with it). The song name itself, “yIbuSQo,” looks like something a Simone Giertz crappy machine typed out, and we can only imagine what Klingons, or Disney, would do to the Pop Warrior if she minced her sung words.

What do you think of this Klingon version of “Let It Go”? Is it getting you in the mood for Frozen 2, or for going to live amongst the Vulcans where you’ll never have to hear any variation of this super earworm ever again? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image: Disney, Oren neu dag