Which Star Wars animated series recently received four Daytime Emmy Awards nominations, just got renewed for season two, and has characters with no thumbs? LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures! The Disney XD series will return for a second season in the summer, and you can get a glimpse of what’s ahead in the above sizzle reel. Please note the appearance of Hera, I mean General Syndulla, from Star Wars Rebels–and also expert mechanic/ship builder Quarrie!

The rebels from Rebels are around because the Freemaker family aligned with the Rebel Alliance fleet after their adventures in season one. Oh. Boy. Rowan, the young Force-sensitive Freemaker, has to build a fancy ship, the Arrowhead. Hence the appearance of Quarrie. This means Rowan will once again be charged with saving the day as he clicks things into place (man, I have to work on my LEGO puns).

If you haven’t been watching The Freemaker Adventures, it’s worth a look. Unlike other LEGO Star Wars shorts and films, The Freemaker Adventures leans on plot instead of gags. There’s a beginning point, an end point, and growth for each of the main characters. It’s all the fun and silliness of LEGO with actual story. Neat! Gags and references to the Star Wars universe are present, of course, but they don’t dominate every episode.

With a 13-episode first season, you can catch up in no time. Watch the first two installments, “A Hero Discovered” and “The Mines of Graballa,” to see if the tone is to your liking. And because I know you’re wondering about the timeline, the series is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It’s not canon but operates within the lines set by canon, if that makes sense.

Do you watch The Freemaker Adventures? Which episodes would you recommend to others? Share your list in the comments.

Image: Disney XD/Lucasfilm

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