To us, LEGO and Indiana Jones feels like a match made in heaven. Who could resist building booby traps out of LEGOs? Certainly not us. But it turns out LEGO hasn’t released a new Indiana Jones set in over ten years. A serious error that is happily about to be rectified. In what feels like a celebration of the new Indiana Jones movie, Dial of Destiny, LEGO is taking us old school with three new Raiders of the Lost Ark sets.

LEGO Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost ark set

At center of the three, we have the “ Escape from the Lost Tomb” LEGO set. This one drops your right into the heart of the action and lets you recreate an iconic moment from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Build and then dodge hissing cobras, toppling statues of gods, and creepy mummies. And, of course, you’ll get some fun new Minifigures to complete the picture. This 600-piece Indiana Jones LEGO set costs $40.

Joining it are the “ Temple of the Golden Idol” set, which celebrates the opening of the movie, and a “ Fighter Plane Chase” set which puts vehicles at center. All three of these new Indiana Jones sets are now available.