Now that it’s “the future,” and many jobs are being automated, it seems it’s only a matter of time before the entire pizza-making process works sans humans. Here, for example, is a prototype “pizza factory” capable of executing almost every necessary step in the process, independently. Although it’s a LEGO factory, so Domino’s may not need to worry about the robotic competition quite yet.

YouTuber and LEGO aficionado, The Brick Wall, built the pizza factory to celebrate his fifth year on YouTube. Brick Wall wrote below his video (which comes via Laughing Squid) that pizza is about “art and love,” and that combining pizza and LEGO is about having fun. (We can confirm from experience that pizza and LEGO is indeed a platonically ideal combination.)

As far as the factory’s workings, Brick Wall built the machine with LEGO Technic pieces and Technic motors. And while the factory’s construction time is unclear, it’s obviously a functional machine; one even worthy of a legendary LEGO Ideas set?

This LEGO pizza factory perfectly automates a big part of the pizza-making process.

The Brick Wall

Aside from the steps necessary for inserting and retrieving the pizza from the oven—which, incidentally, are already automated—the factory handles just about everything. Little machines spread the sauce and cheese, delicately drop toppings, and can even cut the pies into perfect pieces. Brick Wall’s assembly line, does, however, seem to require human involvement in order to re-stage different components. I.e. a pizza factory user would need to swap in and out the pizza cutter, sauce squirter, sausage dispenser, etc.

But Brick Wall, could, of course, easily build out all those components side by side. And the machine could even connect to a commercial tunnel stove to automate 90% of the process! Or, Brick Wall could just order a pizza, smash up the factory, and build another amazing LEGO food-making machine like the Tapas builder below.

Either way sounds fun.

Feature image: The Brick Wall