If I could have any fictional item from the MCU I’d take the Infinity Gauntlet. I’m not saying I’d actually snap away half the universe, but I’d certainly like people to think I might. That’s exactly why I’m almost certainly not worthy of owning one of Marvel’s symbols of heroism. But for $200 I can have one anyway. LEGO’s newest collectible is a recreation of Captain America’s iconic shield.

LEGO Captain America Shield on display against a white background
The LEGO Company

LEGO’s 3,128-piece build-and-display Cap shield set won’t protect you during battle, but it will look good on your desk or bookshelf. Designed for ages 18 and above, this “detailed and authentic model” measures more than 18.5-inches in diameter. LEGO’s build also comes with a stand adorned with a nameplate for Captain America’s shield (now your shield) to rest on.

And the collectible also features a Captain America minifigure who holds both his own miniature shield along with Mjölnir. (That added Avengers: Endgame bonus touch also means this set pairs perfectly with LEGO’s replica of Thor’s famous hammer.)

The LEGO Company

This advanced item also comes with a digital version of its building instructions. You can find the how-tos for the Captain America shield on the official LEGO Builder app.

Unlike Steve Rogers, a rich scientist probably won’t just give you this. But at least you won’t have to prove to a bunch of terrible people you’re worthy of having it like Sam Wilson had to. What you will have to do is wait to get your hands on it. You can pre-order your LEGO Captain America shield today, but it won’t ship until later this summer, on August 1. That is unless you possess either the Time or Reality Stone. Then you can have this whenever you like.

Any chance LEGO’s replica Infinity Gauntlet actually works? Specifically, if we’re only trying to use it to magically get our hands on another LEGO set?