As social distancing continues to keep friends apart, your goal of finally learning to play Dungeons & Dragons might start to feel like it will never happen. Although the majority of TTRPG gaming has shifted online thanks to Discord and Zoom, the challenge of finding someone willing to show you the ropes, much less getting together an entire group, is enough to make anyone crumple up their character sheet. That’s where First Time at the Table comes in.

This newbie-friendly game, which we first learned about thanks to Boing Boing, puts you and your new (or old) friends in the patient hands of a Dungeon Master. First Time at the Table boasts no books, no gatekeeping, and no pressure. All you have to do is roll for initiative (and pay an affordable fee).

Dungeons & Dragons map

Bianca Bickford

First Time at the Table was founded by professional playwright Walt McGough. A longtime proponent of the creative benefits of Dungeons & Dragons and its effectiveness as a storytelling tool, McGough is also a firm believer that there’s no wrong way to play D&D. He offers a safe and inclusive atmosphere for learning the game, from helping you get ready to play over Zoom to running a stress-free adventure for four to eight players.

The professional Dungeon Master offers a way to get started before you invest in the Player’s Handbook or even dice. For an additional fee, McGough even sets up a character for members of the party. A spot at the virtual table costs $45 per player for a three-hour session.

First Time at the Table also splits profits with a selected charity. Have a good time for a good cause!

The company intends to soon branch out into workshops for new Dungeon Masters, games for corporate team-building, and more. Get in touch to sign up for an unforgettable adventure.

Featured Photo: Bianca Bickford

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