Benoit Blanc will soon take on his “most dangerous case yet.” That’s what writer-director Rian Johnson revealed in the first promo for Knives Out 3 film. But that’s not all he gave us. The third film in the murder-mystery franchise now has a title, and Knives Out 3‘s real name is as ominous as Blanc’s own narration. Johnson is following up Glass Onion with Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery.

Johnson spent his morning on social media teasing the highly anticipated third installment in his Knives Out franchise with a series of tweets. His first doesn’t make much sense on its own and might not even be connected to Knives Out 3. It only shows a Pokémon Go egg accompanied by its traditional one-word question, “Oh?”

The reason it could have something to do with Johnson’s Knives Out movie franchise is that minutes later Johnson followed that up with some commentary about why he loves the whodunit genre so much. He wrote one of the big reasons he loves the genre is that it’s so “malleable.” That makes his Benoit Blanc stories so much fun, because he has the freedom to explore the “whole tonal spectrum.”

That certainly made it sound like we’ll be getting a very different type of film in Knives Out 3 with Daniel Craig even before Johnson confirmed that with a follow-up tweet that also announced the film is about to go into production.

Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc from the Glass Onion a Knives Out mystery trailer

But the best tweet of all was Knives Out 3‘s first promo, featuring Craig’s Blanc talking about his last two big-screen mysteries and how they compare to his third Knives Out movie, which we now know is called Wake Up Dead Man.

With that foreboding narration and Johnson’s talk about tonal spectrums, it seems we’re expecting what will easily be the darkest Benoit Blanc movie yet. (Or at least, Knives Out 3/Wake Up Dead Man will be much darker than the first two installments in the series. We still expect plenty of humor, too.)


We can’t wait. The good news is we won’t have to for very long for Knives Out 3. This debut Wake Up Dead Man promo ends with a note the film will release in 2025. Based on the release dates for Knives Out and Glass Onion, the film will likely have a Thanksgiving premiere.

What does any of this have to do with a giant green spotted Pokémon Go egg? Well, we got a title, a tease, and a release year today. And we suppose in a manner of speaking, the movie as hatched. But hey, we hope there’s some mystery Pokémon fun involved.