House of the Dragon season two has already served more than one heartbreaking death. But the cruelest season two death so far came when the now-King Aegon II smashed his father’s meticulous model of Old Valyria into pieces in grief over his son’s murder. The painstakingly detailed model of the Targaryen homeland was King Viserys’ pride and joy, and all that hard work was shattered in seconds. Anyone who has ever built a LEGO set before knows (or fears) that truest of pains. We’re sure King Viserys was mourning from beyond the grave. RIP King Viserys’ model of Valyria; we barely knew you, and we still wish you to become an actual LEGO set.

King Aegon II Destroys Viserys’ 8 Meter Valaryian Model

Thunk, thunk, crunch. Anyone who has spent hours, no, days, putting together a particularly complex LEGO set felt a touch of pain in their heart at the smashing. In minutes, Aegon II unraveled an unmeasurable amount of work with a vengeful, grieving hand. After hearing of the death of his son, Jaehaerys Targaryen, the impetuous Aegon took his emotions out on an innocent bystander, King Viserys’ model of Valyria of old.

In the world of House of the Dragon, building his model of the old city, the one-time jewel of the Targaryen House, was Viserys’ escape in a world of dragons and snarling family members. Season one of House of the Dragon reveals that he poured over old texts and maps to accurately understand the makeup of Valyria and then directed the stone masons, who built the structure. So, of course, Viserys wasn’t as fully invested as a LEGO lover might be, but we have to imagine his heart was as deeply in it. Throughout season one, the model of Valyria grew and sprawled out, taking over the massive room. It seems that by the end of it, the small-scale city measured eight meters.

King Viserys model of Valyria met its death in house of the dragon season two

In reality, Viserys’ Valyria model comprises hundreds of 3D-printed pieces that Prop Modeler, Craig Narramore, Set Decorator, Claire Nia Richards, and more deftly put together and decorated, piece by piece, detail by detail. You can check out the full building experience in the video above. We can only hope the Valyria model that Aegon rammed his sword into was not the real thing.


The (Second) Death of Valyria Holds Greater Meaning in House of the Dragon


Poor Valyria. It seems it will always be destined for destruction. In Game of Thrones‘ world, the true cause of Valyria’s destruction is unknown, but history speculates that massive volcanic explosions caused the destruction of the city. In that instance, House Targaryen was saved thanks to a vision from Daenys Targaryen, who foresaw doom and convinced the Targaryens to flee the city for Dragonstone.

But will House Targaryen be saved this time? In House of the Dragon season one, Viserys’ model of Valyria was meant to represent a yearning in him, something he was looking to understand but could never quite grasp. A yearning, it seems, for a house united. Perhaps Viserys hoped that by bringing Valyria into his present existence, he could tap into something that made the Targaryens strong. But this second destruction of Valyria reveals that this dream, at least for now, is dead like the model Viserys so carefully put together.


The hope of unity is gone as both sides of the Targaryen house draw blood. And with it, any memories of their halcyon days. The destruction Viserys’ model of Valyria is an elegantly symbolic loss.

Paddy Considine Reacts to Aegon Smashing His LEGO Set on House of the Dragon

Of course, House of the Dragon exists in both its fictional world and our own. Viserys’ actor Paddy Considine had a choice meme to share after witnessing Aegon destroy his LEGO set on House of the Dragon episode two. As we suspected, Viserys as horrified at this destruction from beyond the grave.

But Aegon isn’t very ashamed of himself for his part in the destruction of Valyria. Aegon’s actor Tom Glynn-Carney responded shamelessly with a “shoddy workmanship.” Shots fired! We guess we’ll have to wait for the blooper reel to see Viserys’ ghost chiding his son for ruining all his hard work.

When Will We Get a Valyria House of the Dragon LEGO Set?

But now, we must ask the important question. When will we get a House of the Dragon Valyria LEGO set of our own to build? Sadly, it doesn’t look like there’s been any conversation about it since House of the Dragon season one came out. Not even a set on LEGO Ideas.

Ultimately, it’s your move LEGO. Only you can write this wrong. Hopefully, if we ever do get a LEGO Valyria set, no furious King comes along to smash it.