We know #ReleaseTheSnyderCut will never go away, but that’s only a third of what the biggest Zack Snyder fans really want. Justice League wasn’t supposed to be a single mega team-up of DC superheroes; it was supposed to be the first part of a trilogy. And while Snyder’s version of the movie might not even exist, we now know what the entire JL franchise might have looked like thanks to Kevin Smith.

On the latest episode of his podcast Fatman on Batman (which we learned about at Syfy), Smith said that while visiting the set of Star Wars: Episode IX he spoke with people who worked on both Snyder and replacement director Joss Whedon’s sets of Justice League. Smith said these people had seen pre-film breakdowns for the entire Snyder Justice League trilogy, which showed that the first film would have ended the same way except that Steppenwolf would have gone back to his home planet through a Boom Tube. The opening in the tube would have then let the heroes see Darkseid, who would have also seen them, setting up the sequel.

Justice League 2 was then “going cosmic,” as the heroes would have traveled to Apokolips to fight Darkseid, where the Lantern Corps would have joined them in the battle. (Smith also confirmed the theory that the green lights seen in a trailer while Snyder was still directing were in fact for Green Lantern’s arrival). However, in the second film the super team would have lost to Darkseid in an The Empire Strikes Back-esque middle installment. That was to set up the third film, where Darkseid would have gone to Earth to create the nightmare world Batman saw in his dream in BvS. Their ultimate showdown with Darkseid would have made up the entire third film.

No matter what you think of DC’s Snyderverse and the changes Joss Whedon made to Justice League, that’s is an interesting story arc with some very cool idea. But as Smith said, Warner Bros. has no plans to ever complete it, so don’t bother with that whole #ReleaseTheSnyderTrilogy thing. It won’t work.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.