We’re all dealing with the stress of COVID-19. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect coping mechanism for dealing with the it than watching old episodes of The Joy of Painting. For 31 seasons and 403 installments, the kind, soft spoken Bob Ross and gentle disposition created one of the most peaceful and inviting television shows in history. Plus, thanks to his easy-to-follow instructions, we can still use his lessons to create fantastic and inspirational landscapes. They’re an escape from our quarantine existence, and that’s why the spirit of the beloved PBS host who passed away in 1995 continues to live on. His memory shines brightest when we most need a “happy little tree” in our lives. And now the series he made famous is continuing on too. Keeping the Dream Alive is a new web special that honors the memory of the painter who still brings us joy.

Keeping the Dream Alive is an all-new special from the Bob Ross Teacher Certification Program hosted by Nic Hankins. He paints a calming landscape of the Pacific Northwest. And he does it using the Bob Ross “wet-on-wet” method many of us grew up watching. In just under an hour a horizon of black trees turns into a stunning wooded forest. It features a small waterfall, all set against a beautiful blue sky full of white clouds.

KEEPING THE BOB ROSS DREAM ALIVE Special Brings Us Joy_1Bob Ross YouTube Channel

And Hankins does it all in the same soothing, calm delivery as Bob Ross. All while letting the image take on a life of its own. As a result, and in the best spirit of The Joy of Painting, a gorgeous creation doubles as both a lesson in the arts and a Zen-like experience that relieves us from the worries of the world. It’s already helping some deal with social distancing.

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The format Bob Ross created is almost a therapy unto itself. It truly does bring us joy. And while we still love watching old episodes of his, we also take comfort in knowing his approach lives on. That makes us happy little viewers, at a time when we need all the peace and happiness we can get.

Featured Image: Bob Ross YouTube Channel