Keanu Reeves recently traded in John Wick’s weapons for a bass guitar as he took the stage to perform with the band Dogstar for the first time in many years. Right now, there are many whispers about the possibility of John Wick 5 and whether we’ll see Keanu Reeves step into the role of everyone’s favorite assassin again. But if John Wick 5 does get a green light, we probably won’t have to wait over 20 years for it. But for fans of Dogstar and Reeves as an indie rock star, it has been a minute. Reeves’ performance with Dogstar is the first the band has given in 23 years. That is a long time to wait for a sequel. But, hey, it’s never too late for the next chapter—the band has also released a music video and will be going on tour.

Keanu Reeves’ Band Dogstar Renuites

You can check out some of the band’s reunion and Reeves’ performance with Dogstar below:

Keanu Reeves’ return to the rock stage happened at the 2023 BottleRock Napa Valley festival at Napa Valley Expo. Reeves took the stage along with his Dogstar bandmates, singer Bret Domrose and drummer Robert Mailhouse, also an actor.

Keanu Reeves took the stage with band Dogstar for the first time in over twenty years, Reeves plays the bass guitar
Roman Gokhman

According to SFGATE, “Reeves played the role of stoic bassist, barely speaking during Dogstar’s one-hour set.” But the crowd was incredibly happy to see him anyway. And Reeves did give a little hop of excitement while on stage with the band. We love it.

Somehow, being part of a ’90s alt-rock band feels like the correct hobby for Keanu Reeves. Maybe it has to do with the perfectly grungy bangs that take a starring role in this performance. And hey, if John Wick does come back, perhaps we’ll find out he’s been hiding in plain sight as a musical sensation. We wouldn’t mind seeing Keanu Reeves put his musical skills to work with Dogstar, or a fictional version of the band, on the big screen.

What’s Next for Dogstar? Music Video and Tour

The band has been busy since their reunion. In addition to playing shows, Dogstar has released a music video for its song, “Everything Turns Around.” Catch Keanu Reeves rocking out below.

Happily, we also won’t have to wait 20 years for Dogstar‘s next performance. The trio announced they’ll be going on a 25+ stop tour across North America and Japan.

First up, Hermosa Beach, CA. See you there!

Originally published on May 30, 2023.