This year is a monumental one for two of the biggest movie franchises in Hollywood. And we do mean biggest in every sense of the word. Transformers is finally returning to theaters this weekend with its latest live-action feature film, Rise of the Beasts. And just a couple days later Jurassic Park will mark its 30th anniversary. So it’s only fitting the two merchandise monsters are also celebrating together with a big toy crossover. Hasbro’s new Jurassic Park and Transformers mash-up pack turns that prehistoric park into a mechanized battle between a dino and the car that helped it make movie history.

The box and figures for the Transformers Jurassic Park toys in full robot form

Hasbro’s back with its latest cinematic crossover collectible. Previous Transformers combos brought the Autobots to Back to the Future, Top Gun: Maverick, and the Ghostbusters. But with Rise of the Beasts coming to screens the company turned to some other famous beasts for inspiration.

The Jurassic Park x Transformers Dilophocon and Autobot JP12 mash-up pack is a Dennis Nedry nightmare. It turns both the Dilophosaurus and the iconic Jeep Wrangler Sahara in which it attacked him into giant battling robots. This encounter will be even more dangerous than their first. Here’s the toy’s official description:

Each figure converts from robot mode to movie-inspired alt mode (convert Dilophocon in 20 steps; Autobot JP12 in 23 steps) and features screen-accurate deco and details. This 2-pack comes with movie-inspired accessories including a shaving cream canister, embryo containment unit, rain hat, venom blast effect, and 2 blaster accessories.


Designed for ages eight and up, the pack comes with a big price tag. You can pre-order yours at Hasbro Pulse and Amazon for $74.99. It begins shipping later this Fall. And while the late Dennis Nedry would have hated this toy, we love it. It’s a big collectible millions of years (+ 30 more) in the making.