John Mulaney‘s latest return to Saturday Night Live was a momentous one. The show marked the fifth time Mulaney hosted SNL and, as long time fans know, that means he joined an elite group. Well, not that elite. At least not anymore. Because his star-studded induction into the Five-Timers Club is the latest sign that exclusive institution is getting a little crowded. Not that any viewer is complaining. Not when that means guest appearances from fellow Five-Time members like Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Paul Rudd, Elliott Gould, and Tina Fey. Oh yeah, and Conan O’Brien showed up too.

The latest Five-Timers Club ceremony actually served as a double induction. Earlier this year Paul Rudd joined the group. However, because most of the cast had COVID, Rudd didn’t actually get his own episode let alone sketch. But the hits just kept on coming for the World’s Sexiest Man during Mulaney’s own introduction to the organization. Rudd got kicked out initially to make room for Tina Fey. Then he had to give up his own jacket to Mulaney.

But what choice did he have? You can’t ask legends like Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, and Elliott Gould to give up theirs. And Conan O’Brien, who is not a member but appeared in the first-ever Five Timers Club sketch, didn’t have one to give. And we doubt Mulaney would have wanted Conan’s normal jacket. It looks like it’s three-sizes too small for him.

Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, John Mulaney, Conan O'Brien, Candice Bergen. Steve Martin, and Elliott Gould during a Five-Timers Club sketch on SNL

But the biggest burn, and the sketch’s best joke, came at the expense of another comedy legend who wasn’t even there. That “Dan Aykroyd’s vodka” line is one of the best of the entire season. Hopefully it’s good enough to make fans rewatch this great sketch over and over. That way NBC can afford to build a bigger Five-Timers Club room. We don’t want to see John Mulaney or Paul Rudd kicked out the next time someone joins.

When that happens all we want to see is another great sketch with lots of famous faces.