One of the biggest mysteries going into The Boys season four is the details surrounding Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s mysterious character. At first, many fans (including me), thought he would play Tek Knight, the universe’s version of an unhinged Iron Man/Batman mashup. But we discovered that wasn’t true in Gen V when T ek Knight showed up in all his hole-loving glory. (No, I don’t want to talk about it.) The Boys season four is nearly here and, while the cast is remaining tight-lipped about who Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play, Eric Kripke is giving us a little more insight. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Karl Urban are in character and leaning on a car in The Boys season four photo
Karl Urban/Instagram

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Kripke said that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has wanted to join the show since its debut in 2019. This totally makes sense considering he portrays the diabolical Negan in The Walking Dead universe. A few things, including Morgan’s schedule, got in the way of it happening until now. Kripke says that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character in The Boys is actually a former colleague of Billy Butcher who also hates superheroes. He teased that this character is someone who would encourage Butcher’s often erratic decisions/behavior, which cannot be good for anyone in the end. 

We know that Butcher did several things before becoming the leader of the Boys. He was a Royal Marine Commando, a Special Air Service Operator, and later worked for the CIA when he came to the US. The latter is likely where he met Morgan’s mysterious character, who may still work for the organization in some capacity. We will have to wait and see what these two get into and if this character is truly trustworthy or not.