Dress Your Fingertips in Jeff Goldblum Nail Art

Nail art allows fans to explore their own personal artistry with beautiful colors as well as  horrifying things that should never be seen on your fingers. While not everyone has the money or talent to create over-the-top nail creations, water slides allow you to make your nail sparkle in unique and affordable ways. You can find almost any kind of slides available online, but the pinnacle of all nail tributes has to be this  Jeff Goldblum-inspired set.

That soothing voice! That perfect hair! Jeff Goldblum is the whole package and now you can look at him longingly every day right on the end of your fingertips. These decals come in a pack of 40 that includes classic Goldblum, pensive Goldblum, Jurassic Goldblum, and my personal fave: current Goldblum.

Using these bad boys is easy; simply paint your nails and let them dry, per usual. Cut out your favorite Goldblum image, place it in water until it slides off the paper backing, put it on your nail, and cover it with clear nail polish. In just a few minutes you’ll be graced with Jeff Goldblum’s handsome face staring back at you, full of encouragement and wisdom. Get your own pack of Jeff Goldblum nail decals from ThriftboxUK’s Etsy store.

What do you think of these fabulous Jeff Goldblum nails? Will you give them a go? Let us know in the comments and make sure to tag @nerdist and @justjenn on twitter to show us your Jeff Goldblum fashion tributes! We can’t get enough Goldblum!

Featured image: Fox Searchlight

Images: ThriftBoxUK

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