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This Jeff Goldblum Activity Book Looks As Suave and Fun As He Does

2016 was a year of many things. For some, it was heartbreak; for others, triumph; and for other others, it was a year of adult coloring books. The trend seemed to have really taken off last year, as books filled with intricate black and white designs just waiting to be filled in by a leisurely grown-up with freshly sharpened colored pencils flew off the shelves. Those books are fine for some people, but in 2017, let’s step up our game.

This year, we want a book with different types of activities, and also one with more Jeff Goldblum. U.K. publisher Belly Kids has apparently been rifling through our diaries, because they’ve just released Do I Hate Being Right All the Time: The Jeff Goldblum Activity Book ( via IndieWire).“First crush, only love, most charming man on screen,” the book’s description reads. “To say Jeff Goldlum is the one great thing in this world would be a mass under statement.”

The 32-page book features all sorts of games, puzzles, and activities featuring various incarnations of Goldblum from his stories film career, each page illustrated by a different artist. For example, this “Where’s Jeff?” tasks you with finding Goldblum (as chaos theorist Ian Malcolm) in a Jurassic Park environment, and was illustrated by Bridie Cheeseman:

The best part, aside from all the obvious awesomeness, is that Do I Hate Being Right All the Time won’t break the bank: Shipped to the U.S., it’ll only cost you £10 (about $12.22). Check out more images from the book here, and snag a copy for yourself here.

Images: Belly Kids

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