Jason Momoa Goes Full Action Hero in This SNL Promo

Jason Momoa sure has come a long way since barely speaking more than a handful of words in season one of Game of Thrones. With his comic timing, he proved to be one of the very best things in Justice League, and he made us all buy into the idea of a “surfer bruh” version of Aquaman. Now, with the release of the solo Aquaman movie imminent, Momoa is about to face the test of true super-stardom — hosting Saturday Night Live. But we already have a good feeling about the former Khal Drogo’s comedic abilities, thanks to this hilarious newly released promo skit for SNL, showing Momoa as an NBC page.We get to see Momoa in full action hero mode, as he ensures everyone that he is taking his new job as an NBC page very, very seriously, and that includes his super-serious”tough guy” voice,  and punching cast member Beck Bennett square in the face when he attempts to pitch an idea for a sketch (we’re sure he deserved it). We also get an obligatory scene at SNL producer Lorne Michaels’ expense, which includes some Momoa-sized dance moves.If this promo is any indication, then we are hopefully in for a treat when Momoa hosts the show this weekend, because this promo was legitimately funny enough it could have been included in the show itself. The Jason Momoa-hosted SNL airs December 8, with musical guests Mumford & Sons. And expect at least one “Aquaman talks to fish” sketch to be included in there somewhere.

Images: NBC 

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