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IT: EVIL BELOW Lets You Join The Losers Club

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We all play games down here.

IT: Evil Below is a brand new cooperative game from TheOP that pits you and your friends against an ancient evil. You and up to six of your friends must explore the town of Derry and fight through your fear to stop Pennywise once and for all. Will you survive this killer co-op?


IT: Evil Below is based on the 2017 film version of the classic Stephen King tale. The goal of the game is to gather enough of The Losers Club’s bravery to face the killer clown before It terrorizes every child in Derry. Each player claims one of the members of club, each of which have their own special abilities. A roll of the dice determines their options on their turn: resolving sightings of Pennywise, taking an action, or fighting It.

Let Becca Scott tell you all about game setup and more about the actions you can take on your turn in this spooky episode of How to Play!

You and your fellow Losers must work together to make through the worst town in the world to live in, Derry. But be careful—Pennywise is also on the move, looking for the locations with the most missing victims, where he’s even more powerful.

When the evil influence track is completely filled, three locations are empty of victims, or just one member of The Loser’s Club loses all of their bravery, It wins the game. But if you and your friends can gather your courage and strength by filling their own track on the game board, they stave off It and win the game.

Watch Becca and friends take their own turns as The Losers Club in this horrifically fun episode of Game the Game.

IT: Evil Below is now available on Amazon for a spooky game night you and your friends will never forget.

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