Insane $30,000 Gaming Rig Boggles the Mind

What happens when you spend $30,000 on a ridiculously powerful gaming rig that coddles its users in a luxury chair and bathes them in the glow of three massive high-def displays? Apparently Nolan Sorrento’s surreal gaming chair from Ready Player One is brought from the fictional world into reality, that’s what happens.

This glorious intermingling of La-Z-Boy comfort and Mass Effect-looking tech comes via Geekologie, and was assembled by Unboxing legend Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy. It seems Hilsenteger was able to pull off the monstrously expensive setup by having most of the component part makers sponsor the video, which is pretty amazing in itself–imagine getting this kind of rig for free.

Insane $30,000 Gaming Rig Boggles the Mind_1

Speaking of component parts, this Hedonsim Bot is assembled from “a zero gravity reclining workstation game chair” made by Imperatorworks, a Xidax desktop gaming PC, a 43-inch UHD 4k monitor flanked by two side monitors, a fridge, a snack station (this might be the best part), and a PlayStation, because console gaming deserves to be paired with the ultimate gaming setup too.

If for some reason you can’t gather $30,000 to spend on a gaming rig–you haven’t found the Copper Key yet, we get it–then you may want to set your sights on something like this relatively modest gaming desk, or this even more modest Borg Cube PC. Nobody really needs a PC setup as expensive as a German car to play Fortnite anyway, right?

What do you think about this redonkulous gaming rig? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Unbox Therapy

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