There’s nothing quite as scary as religious horror. Even if you’re not religious yourself, it still somehow manages to always get under the skin. From The Exorcist to The Omen, to modern films like The Nun franchise, evoking religion in your horror film just makes it that much creepier. And now, we’ve got a new religion-themed thriller guaranteed to freak you out from NEON Films. Coming this spring is Immaculate, starring Euphoria and The White Lotus star Sydney Sweeney. You can watch the unsettling new trailer for Immaculate right here, as well as check out the first poster:

The film centers on a young American-born nun named Cecilia, who lives in a convent in the Italian countryside. She suddenly discovers she has become pregnant with what appears to be an immaculate conception. But soon, she realizes something far more sinister is going on, and it’s maybe not as holy as she originally thought. There appears to be some kind of cult-like conspiracy going on in the convent, and she finds herself at the center of something that does not appear to be very godly.

The poster for NEON Films' religious thriller Immaculate.
NEON Films

Michael Mohan is the director behind Immaculate, with a script by Andrew Lobel. In addition to Syndey Sweeney, it also stars Álvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano, Giorgio Colangeli, and Simona Tabasco. In some ways, it sounds very similar to the 1985 Jane Fonda film Agnes of God, about a young nun who insists her baby was the result of an immaculate conception. Although this film seems to be far creepier than that one was. It definitely leans more into the horror overtones of it all. This is turning into quite a big year for Sweeney. She’ll also soon star as Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter in the upcoming Madame Web.

NEON Films

Immaculate hits theaters on March 22.