He’s just Ken. Anywhere else, he’d be a 10. But he ended up in the Barbie movie, so it was tough times for Ken’s Kenergy. But it turns out Ken is a 10; at least, his incredible power ballad definitely earns a perfect score. “I’m Just Ken,” Ken’s introspective and angst-ridden ode to himself has captured the hearts of Barbie movie fans everywhere. In fact, “I’m Just Ken” landed on the Billboard Top 100 and has earned millions of Spotify streams. Not bad for the man behind the tan. But, in case streaming Barbie‘s “I’m Just Ken” or watching its incredible music video (see below), isn’t enough for you… There’s more. You can now go behind the scenes of “I’m Just Ken” and see what went into the creation of the incredible sequence in the Barbie movie.

This behind-the-scenes look at the Barbie movie makes the “I’m Just Ken” musical number even more impressive. We can now see how every part of it went down. And it was no feat of Barbie magic, but a lot of work from many different people. Honestly, seeing Ryan Gosling’s rehearsals for “I’m Just Ken,” really adds a layer of perspective. The scenes remind you it’s not just Ken. It’s a real actor totally crushing some choreography while belting out the Kenergy tune. High fives to Kens everywhere. Of course, it’s a joy to see all the other Kens from Barbie, from Ncuti Gatwa to Scott Evans to Simu Liu belting out lyrics and putting their all into the Ken fight and dance-off. And we love Greta Gerwig cracking up at the mayhem she’s orchestrated.

Ken in a I am Kenough shirt from Barbie Movie
Atlantic Records

Additionally, getting a behind-the-scenes look at Slash from Guns N’ Roses rocking out to “I’m Just Ken” is something the Barbie movie should consider introducing into the movie proper. That is the Barbie movie’s mood. Is Slash not also a Ken in his heart?

Somehow, watching the making of “I’m Just Ken” was a strangely emotional journey. And that’s not just us lamenting that the Barbie song will be now stuck in our heads for the foreseeable future.

If that version of “I’m Just Ken” has you in the mood like it has us, you can check out the official music video above. The Barbie movie is still currently playing in theaters in all its Barbie and Ken glory, but will also arrive on digital this fall.

Featured Image: Atlantic Records