Fans of all sorts go to great lengths to bring their favorite pop culture franchises home in some way, be it with posters or props or everything else in between. But how about instead of bringing your favorite TV show home….you just make your favorite TV show your actual home? Now there’s a way to do that, thanks to IKEA. If you ever wanted to chill out in the homes from Stranger Things, The Simpsons, or Friends, the Swedish home furnishing giant has made that a real possibility.

The living room areas from each of those iconic shows were recreated for an ad campaign on their official site in the United Arab Emirates, using only IKEA furniture. The name of this campaign is “the Real Life Series,” even though it’s based on very not real life rooms. Of course, they don’t use the names of the actual shows. This all “inspired by” and not officially licensed. So the Simpsons home is referred to as “room for families,” while Friends is “room for mates” and Stranger Things is “room for everyone.” I guess the “everyone” in question refers to the non human entities that live in the Upside Down? Sure, why not.

The entire point of the ad campaign was to hammer the point home that one can find anything at IKEA. It’s not all just the standard minimalist Swedish design like most people think. Although if you look carefully, the Stranger Things recreation of the Byers living room does have some of IKEA’s famous Billy bookcases. But who doesn’t have those?

We hope they continue this campaign in the future; there are some other iconic living rooms we want to see recreated. How about the Brady Bunch’s super groovy decorating scheme? Or the iconic I Love Lucy apartment? That one should just be in black, white and gray tones though. You can make it happen Sweden!

Images: IKEA

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