It doesn’t matter if you are a king or a bastard, the most famous person in the Realm or the lowliest beggar, everyone is equal in the awesome presence of a dragon”even the sweet, cuddly kind. Thanks to Game of Thrones and How To Train Your Dragon, Kit Harington knows what it is like to deal with dragons of all sort. But even a friendly dragon isn’t always a walk in the park t to deal with though. The sweetest among them can’t be a lot to handle. Especially during an audition.In this very great promo from DreamWorks for the studio’s upcoming third film in the franchise, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Harington (who voiced Eret in the second film and will return for the third) struggles through this “lost” 2010 audition with the true star of the series, Toothless. From missing his marks to hitting them at the wrong time to mocking Harington’s very serious performances of his epic speeches, Toothless is only slightly less troublesome than the Night King’s dragon, but way more fun.

“Be honest, Toothless, do I come across as too brood-y? Because half the time I’m just trying to remember where I left my keys.”Somebody got to write that line and then heard Kit Harington actually say it. We are jealous of that person.As for the audition, we can see why DreamWorks cast both of them. Harington is great, and with Toothless around he doesn’t seem so brood-y.

Featured Image: DreamWorks