Spoiler Alert

Scream VI is a film that’s not quite like any of its predecessors. It takes some interesting risks with its lineup of killers and an opening scene that is a departure from the past. But, it also feels quite different because Sidney Prescott is not in Scream VI. It marks the first time in the franchise that its leading lady bows out of the slicing and dicing. As we know, Sidney was supposed to be in this film; however, Neve Campbell bowed out due to a financial disagreement. So, how does Scream VI address Sidney Prescott’s absence? It’s much simpler than we thought it would be. 

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This film is all about Sam and, by extension, Tara, Mindy, and Chad. Kirby and Gale come in to assist and further ground the story as legacy characters with the latter being a (less direct) target of Ghostface because, well, Gale is Gale. When the Ghostface killings arise, Gale rushes to meet Sam and Tara, who aren’t happy to see her because she wrote a book about the events of Scream (2022). You know, the book she said she wasn’t gonna write.

Anyway, Sam briefly asks about Sidney and Gale says that Sid is not getting involved, but instead taking her husband Mark and their kids to safety. Gale says it is “time she had a happy ending,” and honestly, I agree. This string of killings and the killer’s motivations have literally nothing to do with Sid at all. They aren’t even happening in her hometown. So it makes sense for her to mind her business. 

So that’s it. Scream VI addressed Sidney’s absence in quite the brief and logical way. 

Will Sidney Prescott Return to the Scream franchise?

There’s always the chance that Sidney could return to the Scream franchise. But, at this point, the unfortunate torch is now in Sam Carpenter’s hands. It is really up to Radio Silence and Neve Campbell (if all fences are mended) as to whether she will come back for a future Scream film if one happens.