Season two of House of the Dragon is finally here. Episode one of the Game of Thrones series’ second season brought us some high pointsand some lows. But there are still plenty of weeks ahead of season two for us to enjoy, even though this chapter of House of the Dragon is a bit shorter than the last. To give us a taste of the blood and fire to come, HBO has released a “Weeks Ahead” trailer for season two of House of the Dragon. The sneak peek gives us a look at the dragons, battles, interpersonal conflicts, and juicy, juicy drama still ahead on the fantastical show. You can check it out below.

Civil war has arrived in House of the Dragon season two. And although the war will not be won by dragons alone, there will certainly be more than a few of them flying around. Of course, as Aemond Targaryen shrewdly assesses in this “Weeks Ahead” House of the Dragon season two trailer, political machinations are equally as important.

Weeks ahead house of the dragon season two trailer Aemond targaryen

The Riverlands, the North, and more will all soon come into play in this Game of Thrones spinoff. And everyone will be choosing a side. That is, of course, if each half of the conflict can keep itself from imploding before the enemy can even attack.


In Game of Thrones‘ world, it’s hard to know who to root for at any given time. By nature, everyone is incredibly complicated and makes bad decisions way more often than good ones. Still, it wouldn’t be fun any other way. This House of the Dragon season two trailer teases some compelling weeks ahead. And we can’t wait to experience everything the show has in store for us. House of the Dragon season two will release its eight episodes weekly on Sundays at 9 pm. They’ll air on Max and stream on HBO.