Over its three decades on television, The Simpsons has produced some very memorable memes. There’s probably a whole generation out there that primarily knows these characters only from memes, which is mildly mortifying. Yes kids, “Old Man Yells at Cloud” is from an actual episode of TV. But the most famous one of these has got to be the one of Homer Simpson backing up into a hedge. Well, now they are preserving that iconic moment…as tennis shoes. We’ve learned, via the folks at DesignTaxi, that Adidas has incorporated this moment into one of their Stan Smith sneakers. You can check out images of this new Homer-inspired footwear down below:

While the entire style of this shoe keeps its classic barebones look, they animate the heel tab with embroidered artwork of the Simpson family’s perpetually befuddled patriarch retreating into a lush backdrop of green fleece. Although this moment usually signifies shame or embarrassment on social media, no one would feel shame wearing this amazing vegan leather shoe. The shoe’s tongue also features a reference to this Simpsons moment, with Homer’s face partially hidden underneath the laces. The sides now feature his name in place of the Stan Smith logo.

New Adidas Stan Smith shoes inspired by the Homer Simpson backing into the hedges moment from The Simpsons.

Along with some custom sock liners, these shoes arrive in a specially designed box memorializing the Homer meme. And that truly completes the package. Also, there are the iconic Adidas triple stripes envisioned as a part of the foliage that Homer retreats into. This Homer Simpson tennis shoe is actually the second Stan Smith shoe drawing inspiration from the legendary series. Homer’s wife Marge got her own special shoe last year. These specially designed The Simpsons Stan Smith shoes come at a price of $120.00, this amusing edition to the timeless footwear is now available for purchase via various Adidas retailers and online.