The Devastating Real Life Effects of HOME ALONE’s Booby Traps

Over the past few years, the internet has turned a critical eye on one of the most beloved holiday films ever made and come away with one conclusion: Home Alone is actually Li’l Die Hard. Why? Well, many fans have come to realize that Home Alone‘s booby traps that protagonist and junior psychopath Kevin McCallister came up with would have done substantially more damage in real life than what was presented to us on screen.

Jake Roper, from the incredible Vsauce team, gave the world a bit of an early Christmas gift by analyzing a few of the major moments from the film. In a recreation of the McCallister home, Roper set out to test the hand-burning hot doorknob, the swinging paint cans both Wet Bandits received to their faces, and the crowbar to the chest that Marv doles out to Harry.

The results of the tests are… frightening, to say the least. Turns out, the doorknob is substantially more dangerous to Kevin than to the bandits. The temperatures needed to transfer enough heat to the outside knob would likely melt the door, or at least set it on fire. A crowbar to the chest would send Harry to the morgue. That blow could puncture his lungs and heart, but he’d already be dead. That paint can trap would have definitely killed Harry and Marv. Roper’s video demonstrates how a swinging paint could knock your head clean off your shoulders.

So don’t try Home Alone at home, kids. You just might kill someone.

Image: Vsauce3

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