These Pokémon keyboards from Higround are not your average keyboards. These are a true Pokémon Master’s keyboards. Not only will they take your typing or gaming to its most evolved form, but there are three different kinds of keyboards in six epic designs just waiting for you to catch ’em all. And that’s not including the five mousepads and one jellybag also available. The Pokémon keyboards are rare, and they’re shiny. They’re just begging to get into your Pokécart. But we feel like they’re going to vanish quicker than you can recite the Pokérap. So get your fingers ready, here’s how you can get your hands on these Pokémon keyboards.

Higround x Pokémon Collaboration

higround pokemon keyboard collection full

We’re sure there’s a lot about Higround’s Pokémon keyboards that help them achieve the “perfect balance between gaming and creative pursuits.” But, our main takeaway is these keyboards just look really cool. In addition to the Pokémon drop, Higround has several other fun nerdy collaborations in the works. But, we have to say this seems like the best one yet. The available designs include Poké Ball, Poké Ball Sticker (which features several different Poké Balls), Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, and Mewtwo. Basically, Higround wants you to know it’s not messing around with its Pokémon keyboards. None of that adorable starter nonsense other collaborations feature. No, Higround is going right for the big guns. And the design laid out across the many keys of the keyboard really works.

Available Designs

You can take a look at all the available Pokémon Higround designs below.

For those wanting to know more about the styles of these Pokémon keyboards, Higround shares the Basecamp 65 keyboard features “ABS Plastic Frame, Pre-Lubed Switches, Dual Silicone Dampening.” Meanwhile, Summit 65 Keyboards include “CNC Aluminum Case, Gasket Mount Design, Screw-In Stabilizers, World’s First Graphic Mechanical Switch.” And finally, the Performance Collection features “The keys to taking your gaming to the next level. All the available Pokémon keyboards come with 68 keys because “68 key is the superior 65% layout. It’s everything you need in the most compact form factor.” Fair enough!

In addition to the keyboards, you can get Pokémon mousepads and a fun jellybag in Gengar purple. Who can resist that? (Yes, this seems to be a bag made out of jelly sandal-like material.)

When Will the Higround Pokémon Keyboards Release and How Much Will They Cost?


Based on past drops the Pokémon keyboard collection will cost between $150-$300. The mousepads and jellybag will likely be in the $40-$50 range. But get yourself ready. This Pokémon x Higround keyboard collection releases on December 8 at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET via Higround’s special collection website. If Pokémon‘s Van Gogh collection mayhem was anything to go by, these will go quick.