Hidden Valley Ranch and Cheez-It Have Combined for a Cheezy Ranch Condiment

Hidden Valley might specialize in food, but it clearly knows something about self-promotion. From a holiday egg nog recipe to flavored-lip balms and an actual diamond ring, Hidden Valley’s very weird, very intriguing crossover products have been getting our attention for years. But the company’s latest partnership is one of its most tantalizing combo ever. Hidden Valley has teamed-up with Cheez-It for the “cheeziest ranch yet.”

And it’s just one of the many new combo options Hidden Valley is bringing to stores.

Three bottles of upside down orange Cheezy Ranch dipping sauce
Hidden Valley Ranch/Cheez-It

Hidden Valley and Cheez-It are celebrating this year’s National Ranch Day on March 10 with a tasty new condiment. New Cheezy Ranch sauce features “100% real cheese and the zesty flavor of ranch.” Unlike some other Franken-foods, this actually sounds like a delicious match made in ranch heaven.

The inspiration for this partnership actually started with customers. “Ranch fans never cease to amaze us with their creative twists on Hidden Valley Ranch,” said CC Ciafone, Marketing Director at Hidden Valley Ranch, in a press release. “When we caught wind of them combining the irresistible flavors of Hidden Valley Ranch with Cheez-It crackers, we were blown away. We couldn’t be more thrilled to make this dream collaboration a reality!”

Two bottles of special Hidden Vally Ranch flavors
Hidden Valley

The companies say Cheezy Ranch will go great with more than just Cheez-Its. (Though that’s obviously the first thing we want to try it with.) They also suggest using it with nachos, French fries, a warm soft pretzel, and any other “dippable foods.”

Customers nationwide will be able to get Cheezy Ranch ($5.99) at Walmart stores starting in late March. It will then arrive at Kroger locales in April. It won’t be showing up alone, either. Hidden Valley also announced six other new ranch flavors coming to stores.

  • Garlic Ranch – “the ultimate condiment for pizza dipping”
  • Nashville Hot – “the spicy sauce that’s been missing on fried chicken sandwiches”
  • Creamy Jalapeno – “perfect for drizzling or dipping nachos and tacos”
  • Spicy Hot Honey – “a sweet and spicy sidekick for pizza and fried chicken”
  • Green Goddess – “creamy, herb-y deliciousness for salads or grain bowls”
  • Parmesan Ranch – “a tangy twist for a classic Caesar salad”
Four upside bottles of Hidden Vally Ranch flavors
Hidden Valley

We don’t want to discourage Hidden Valley from more weird crossovers, but tasty new condiments are all the self-promotion it ever has to worry about.

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