We were mostly counting on not seeing House of the Dragon season two until 2024. But now, HBO and HBO Max content CEO Casey Bloys has more or less confirmed that timeline to Variety. He calls 2024 a “good guess” for when we’ll see season two of House of the Dragon. And, in addition, Bloys teases that it’s “‘a good guess’ that the show won’t be eligible for the 2024 Emmy season.” Decoded, this means we’ll likely see House of the Dragon and its many dragons roar to life again in the summer of 2024. Since season one also aired in late summer, this seems like it tracks.

Aemond watches Dreamfyre shoot fire on House of the Dragon

What we probably won’t see is another Game of Thrones spinoff in the meanwhile. Although Bloys says Game of Thrones‘ world lends itself well to spinoffs, developing the right show takes a lot of time and thinking.

Other HBO properties are less likely to see reboots and offshoots, full stop. Bloys largely rejects the idea of a Succession spinoff, although he never says never. And also reports that though HBO considered some kind of return for True Blood and a few scripts were developed, the network found “nothing that felt like it got there.”


We first heard of a True Blood reboot in 2020. And for die-hard fans of the series, the news felt exciting. But alas, it is not to be. At least with edited episodes of True Blood coming to basic cable channels, more of the family can enjoy the show…