Crowley and Aziraphale are coming together for one last round. Prime Video’s beloved fantasy series Good Omens has finally gotten a season three renewal. The show’s third season will be the final one. Fans were hoping that the show would get a definitive conclusion, which seems to be a tall order in today’s streaming world. As we all know, it is heartbreaking to become attached to a world only to have a cancellation snatch it from us. Oftentimes, it leaves the characters hanging from a proverbial cliff and that’s super frustrating for all. Yes it will be hard to say goodbye to Good Omens; however, it did start as a limited series, so it lived far longer than initially expected.  The beloved celestial duo gets a proper ending to their story thanks to this renewal and we love that for them.

Good Omens characters aziraphale and crowley stand together in poster for season three renewal
Prime Video

Here’s what Good Omens creator and showrunner Neil Gaiman had to say about the season three renewal: 

I’m so happy finally to be able to finish the story Terry and I plotted in 1989 and in 2006. Terry was determined that if we made Good Omens for television, we could take the story all the way to the end. Season one was all about averting Armageddon, dangerous prophecies and the End of the World. Season two was sweet and gentle, although it may have ended less joyfully than a certain Angel and Demon might have hoped. Now in season three, we will deal once more with the end of the world. The plans for Armageddon are going wrong. Only Crowley [David Tennant] and Aziraphale [Martin Sheen] working together can hope to put it right. And they aren’t talking.

When Will Prime Video Release Good Omens Season Three?

We don’t yet know when Good Omens season three will hit Prime Video, but Neil Gaiman recently shared that it would begin filming in January 2025. We are almost certain that it will be ineffably good.

Originally published on December 14, 2023.