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Have a Ball with $100 Off This At-Home Golf Simulator

You don’t have to hit the road to hit the green anymore! This remarkably accurate golf sim uses advanced sensors and AI to give you an authentic golfing experience with every hit. You aren’t locked out from a day on the course just because you don’t want to leave the house. iOS users and anyone with a PC can enjoy one of the most true-to-life golf simulators around. For a limited time, the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator is on sale for $299, or $100 off.

Even though you’re using a club, golf isn’t a game you can stomp into swinging and have a good time. You have to think about impact angle, course geography, and so much more for every swing. And that’s exactly what TruGolf thinks about every time you hit the ball.

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TruGold uses e6 CONNECT software to provide detailed analytics for a full course play. So for every single swing, the game will check the angle of the clubface, the angle of attack, the swing tempo, and the club path. All this combined gives you a round of golf that feels real, but this time you don’t have to drive out to the course or pay your club dues which can cost hundreds a month

Another benefit of TruGolf is that there’s something to learn from every swing. Instead of listening to your golf buddies giving unsolicited advice about your short game, read through the post-swing analyzer so you can learn how to improve on your own. That’s what makes TruGolf perfect for people who can’t make it to the course or people who want to practice before they get there and knock a few off their total. 

TruGolf is a huge game, and like golfing in person, there are so many courses to play. With TruGolf, you get 97 golf courses, many based on real famous locations. You also get mini-games and other fun challenges to practice. 

Get TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator on sale for $299. Get it for yourself, or make it a hole-in-one holiday gift! And if you’re looking for another type of game, check out this one that will never die

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