Legendary’s MonsterVerse is getting a new director. A new report says Adam Wingard, who helmed 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong and this year’s Godzilla x Kong: New Empire, will not direct the next installment. But if this news make you feel hollow, don’t worry just yet. He could still return for a future entry.

Godzilla and Kong charge the villains.
Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures

The Hollywood Reporter says someone else will be taking over directing duties for the next MonsterVerse entry. This change is a surprise, but it has nothing to do with Wingard’s work. THR‘s report says him and Legendary have parted ways on good terms. This change is merely a “timing issue.” The studio wants to move quickly onto its next Godzilla and Kong movie, but Adam Wingard will be busy with A24’s Onslaught.

That amicable separation means its very possible Wingard could return for more monster mashing in the future. What this change in director means for the MosterVerse itself is less obvious. But considering Legendary’s desire to make its next installment soon, we’ll find out sooner than later.

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