That very familiar Godzilla roar is currently coming from a very odd source. Thanks to the folks at IGN, we’ve discovered how one Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Godzilla fan has mashed up both properties together for a fan film. Created by sumoguri2323 on Twitter, they have made a whole Godzilla-inspired film entirely within Tears of the Kingdom, and it’s genuinely a sight to behold. And it’s all thanks to Tears of the Kingdom’s customizable crafting mechanics. You can watch this short fan film, which currently has over a million views on Twitter and counting, down below.

In this short video, we witness as a Lurelin Village must contend with the Zonai/Godzilla hybrid kaiju emerging out of the ocean depths. And it’s about to treat the poor village and its inhabitants in the very same manner that Godzilla usually does with Tokyo. They created the mashup of Godzilla and the Zonai using Zonai materials and devices and the Ultrahand ability. We see tanks fire on the rampaging creature with abandon. But once we hear that familiar roar, and see the electricity charge up its spine? We just know that the poor village is toast. Also, points for using the classic Godzilla theme from the old Toho movies. It really adds to the whole mood.

Nintendo/Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros.

Godzilla is having quite a moment this year. The Big Guy currently appears (sporadically anyway) in the excellent Monarch: Legacy of Monsters series on Apple TV+. Plus, he’s starring in two movies. There’s the Japanese Godzilla Minus One, and next year’s continuation of the Monsterverse version, with Godzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom. But we’ll take any version of the King of the Monsters we can get. Even one with a Legend of Zelda makeover. Now, is anyone out there up for Zonai/Mothra mashup?

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