Long Live the King! For the past three weeks, we’ve been taking a trip through the world of Legendary’s MonsterVerse. First, we watched 2014’s Godzilla with director Gareth Edwards. Then we joined Jordan Vogt Roberts on a mission to Kong: Skull Island. We rounded out the the trilogy with a jam-packed tweet-along with Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Mike Dougherty. The director gave us an incredible two-hour-plus tour of his movie, including a bunch of amazing easter eggs, beautiful concept art, rad classic Godzilla homages, and a load of other treats.

A glowing Godzilla roars.

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Dougherty started off strong with this awesome little explainer.

We love this sentiment and it comes across so well in the film.

The director also confirmed one of our favorite fan theories.

The director put great consideration into every element—even the hench people!

Please take our money and make this movie!

Dougherty also opened up about the relationship at the core of the film.

A lot of what made it to the screen came from the director’s own fandom.

Here’s why the Hollow Earth theory came into play for King of the Monsters.

Dougherty brought a lot of the natural world to his iteration of the massive creatures.

Turns out that Ghidorah is just an evil fellow…

Vera Farmiga is a goddess!

In case you were wondering where Emma got her ideas…

We weren’t the only ones who found parallels in King of the Monsters and 2020.

Dougherty also revealed his thinking behind making Madison and her mother the antagonists.

In earlier versions, we would have gotten a look inside Outpost 56.

The director’s own experience with the 1956 Rodan movie shaped his version of the monster.

This original sculpt of Rodan is one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen.

Dougherty also talked about the process that went into Rodan’s unique and terrifying design.

Get ready for some serious cameos!!

We also got a little more info on what drew Dougherty to each of the monsters.


Please tell us more about this handsome fellow on the left.

Mothra twins assemble!!!

In a shocking twist, we almost didn’t get Mothra…

Error occurred!

We also happen to be huge fans of this gorgeous scene.

The director expanded on one of the biggest connections to Kong: Skull Island.

The film is stacked with rad literary nods which Dougherty highlighted.

It’s clear that Dougherty is a huge fan of the Toho world.

One of the coolest easter eggs was this quote paying homage to one of our fave Kaiju flicks, Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

Dougherty also revealed his favorite track from the score.

We got insight into why the director introduced Godzilla’s lair.

He shared some cool details about the giant’s monster’s secret space.

One of our favorite moments of the whole movie has a deeper meaning.

We can’t get over this cool reveal, which shows just how much care went into the score.

Dougherty clearly had a philosophical bent on the King of the Monsters.

Ahhh, so that’s why it was set in Boston!

There were plenty of gorgeous concept art reveals, too.

Like this…

Looks like Godzilla might have a few more secret hideouts to call his own.

Turns out that we almost got a Rodan, Mothra, and Godzilla team-up from the start.

That badass Mothra stinger—you were right… it’s new?

This Mothra take definitely makes us feel better about her sacrifice.

There were also plenty of reveals about character beats, like this deep one about Emma.

We love the final fight, but this would have also been really great.

Dougherty shared this tidbit about the iconic moment where the Titans bow to their king.

We 100% back this statement.

Dougherty gave a much deserved shoutout to the SFX crew.

The final credits are stuffed with Easter eggs, and Dougherty shared a fave.

The director shared this beautiful clip of the score being recorded.

He even teased what that post-credits sequence could mean…

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