But can you really put a price on cuddles? Well, you can. And that price is $420, to be exact, if you want to pre-order this new Pokémon Wailord plush. To be fair, you do get a lot of Poké plush for your buck. This cuddly Wailord measures 57 ¾ inches (4 ¾ feet) long. It’s a tenth of the size of the actual Wailord Pokémon… But that’s probably for the best.

Giant Pokemon Wailord Plush
The Pokémon Center

A release shares:

Strap in for adventure on the high seas—or in your living room—and have a whale of a time with this massively massive Wailord plush! Measuring about 57 ¾ inches long, or about 1/10th the size of an actual Wailord in the Pokémon video games and animation, it makes a huge impression no matter where it goes.

Just maybe don’t actually take it into the ocean. This Wailord Pokémon plush will ship around early November 2023. And you can officially pre-order it now. It’ll be the perfect thing to imagine holding as you cry bittersweet tears and say goodbye to Ash and Pikachu in their final episodes. Ahoy, cuddles ahead.