Get Over 150 Comic Book Drawing Lessons for Under $20

The comics industry is booming. New characters and storylines emerge every day, but there’s a lot of competition. Not every artist can be a Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, or Steve Ditko. The best way to stand out in a field of talented professionals is to improve the range and depth of your artistic skills. The skills acquired in The Learn to Draw Comic Book Characters Bundle will make you a more attractive prospect when publishers are deciding whom to hire for an important new comic book project.

A hand draws a sketch of a woman onto a pad of paper on a clipboard. The clipboard sits on a wooden desk, next to it is an iPhone and above it is a coffee cup.


Instructor Robert Marzullo, author of Learn to Draw Action Heroes, has had his work published in comics, created 3D animation and characters for television, and illustrated storyboards for commercials. He will give you the ability to better understand and draw the human form like a professional. In his basic approach to figure drawing, you’ll learn techniques to systematically break down the various parts of the body into simpler shapes. More importantly, you’ll understand how to work them into one figure. Following along with a professional artist, you’ll gain insight into how the experts create the artwork and poses, and how to create them yourself. 

Through this bundle, you’ll gain essential skills drawing both male and female heads and faces in a variety of ways, from any angle. You will also discover popular techniques—techniques such as the Andrew Loomis method. Explore inventive concepts by learning how to distort or caricature the head and facial features. Acquire the skills needed to draw and paint amazing fantasy art elements and characters digitally in Manga Studio 5 (Clip Studio Paint). Create magical weapons, rock formations, power effects, foliage, and a fully detailed character.

A sketch notebook with a sketch of a woman on it. The woman has her hair up in a bun and we only see her back and the side of her face and head. A pen and its cap lie on top of the notebook and the notebook itself lies on top of a table, with a piece of cloth to the left.


Using a complete step-by-step guide, move on to inventing your characters and drawing your dynamic superheroes. You’ll learn about proportions; anatomy; suit design; foreshortening; rendering; perspective; and poses. Begin creating your own stories as you learn to pencil, ink, and color a fully detailed comic book scene, from start to finish. 

The 181 informative lessons earned an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Begin drawing your own comic book characters today and take advantage of limited-time savings through Nerdist. This four-course bundle is on sale for just $19.99, or less than $5 per course.


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The Learn to Draw Comic Book Characters Bundle – $19.99

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