There’s a popular legend about a student who got an “A” after answering his philosophy professor’s lone final exam question of “Why?” with a simple “Why not?” It’s a story so old there are multiple versions of it with different questions and different answers, but they all revolve around a young person bravely giving as sparse an answer as possible to an important test. However, like most great myths, who knows if there’s any truth to it? Or at least we didn’t, until we learned about a high school student who turned in the greatest, gutsiest paper we have ever seen.Because when you have to do your assignment as any character from Marvel, there’s only so much you can do when you choose Groot.Principles of Engineering teacher Jeffrey Scott Davis assigned his students at Hirschi High School in Wichita Falls, Texas, to write a resume and cover letter as an MCU character of their choosing (what a great assignment!). He then shared the absolutely brilliant, crazy, courageous paper one (obviously genius) student passed in. get Harvard on the phone, because we just found the smartest kid in America. Also, we should probably alert the White House because they will want to give this student the Presidential Medal of Freedom.So far Mr. Davis has stayed mum on what grade he gave this ingenious assignment, and while we certainly hope this student got the “A” they deserve, it would probably be more fitting if they got it back with a different mark at the top: one that reads “I am Groot.”Would you ever have been willing to do something like this when you were in school? Tell us in the comments below the biggest risk you ever took with an assignment.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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