What does Garfield want in life? He wants to sleep, eat lasagna, and mess with Odie. Oh, and he also wants to turn into a giant monster who devours his enemies and brings about the end of the world. At least that’s what he wants to do in “Garfield Gameboy’d,” the most terrifying video game to never actually exist. It’s also one of the weirdest and best videos we’ve ever seen. It will haunt our nightmares for all the Mondays to come.

Pixel artist Lumpy Touch has completed his amazing work on one of the most surreal art pieces we’ve ever come across. It’s both riveting and unsettling. Using a series of creepy Garfield sketches by William Burke, who describes himself as “a self taught artist who makes nightmares,” as his inspiration, he transformed them into a 13-minute feline-hellscape presented in the form of an old-school Gameboy video game. And we’re not sure anyone could win this game, since it looks like Jon Arbuckle has found himself trapped in John Carpenter’s The Thing. However, this time, the shape-shifting monster demanding lasagna doesn’t want to destroy Jon, he wants to love him. Forever.

I mean this as a compliment of the highest order: I feel like I’m going to end up on some kind of government list after watching this video. From watching Jon’s scent give him away, to those help load screens, to Garfield’s changing body mutating into an ever more frightening visage of death, all of this is really disturbing and really fantastic.

I would play this game right now. Then I would wonder why I did that before playing it again.

Featured Image: Lumpy Touch