This week saw our inaugural Monsterverse watchalong and it was a blast. We began as all good things should with the king of monsters himself, Godzilla! The 2014 movie is a dark and thoughtful monster movie starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and of course, Big G himself. Director Gareth Edwards joined us to do his first ever live tweet of the movie from the official Godzilla account and it was a total riot. Not only did we—and the fans who joined us—get to enjoy the awesome monster mashup, but Edwards revealed a whole bunch of amazing new art, information, and secrets about production!

Godzilla roars

Legendary, Toho

Edwards opened his first ever Godzilla live tweet with a super cool tidbit about those rad opening titles.

The watchalong was filled with plenty of cool moments, but this early reveal of some cut make-up design was especially exciting!

The director also revealed the real location of the gorgeous house where Ford and his family live.

Edwards also filled the chat with hilarious little production reveals like this charming anecdote about filming the  “nuclear plant.”

Viewers also got some great insight into sweet moments on set like this Brian Cranston gem.

Edwards might have forgotten to use this prop but at least he has a nice memento at home.

If this moment had made it in, it would have been such a cool nod to the classic movies that came before!

For all us Monsterverse fans out there, Edwards revealed a little about how the Monarch logo came together.

Important goo content!

We also learned that crafting the new daikaiju, known as MUTOs, wasn’t easy.

But Edwards did share some awesome concept art that would end up shaping the massive monsters.

This sounds like a presentation we would have died to attend tbh…

In a nice literary nod to monster stories of yore, the shooting title was a reference to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

But Edwards also revealed that wasn’t the original shooting title…

We also learned about a homage that was built into Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character.

One of the coolest parts of the watch along was all the rad art Edwards shared, like these early storyboards.

Edwards’ commentary was filled with cool secrets that you’d have never known unless you were actually on set!

He also shared that some interesting method acting that went on to get those screams from the kids.

More gorgeous roughs of giant monsters preparing to fight!

Not that we needed anymore proof, but Ken Watanabe is the best.

Even as massive Monsterverse fans, we learned some new Easter eggs whilst taking part in the watchalong.

More beautiful concept art. This might be our favorite piece that was revealed during the whole movie.

Though it should surprise no one that an inventive director like Edwards had unexpected influences, this one is a standout!

Turns out one of the movie’s most iconic moments began as a joke!

Edwards threw us through a loop with this deep take on his apparently ambiguous thoughts on the ending…

And of course, it’s always good to get a reminder that you never have any idea of the order a film was shot in!

You can join us for our next #NerdistFromHome #MonsterverseWatchalong Kong: Skull Island on Thursday, April 16, at 5pm PT!

Header Image: Legendary, Toho

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