Game of Thrones had massive battles, cool characters, and political intrigue. But we know there are a lot of ya out there who just came for those dragons. And we think it is safe to say that Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are among the coolest dragons in television or film history, hands down. Now, thanks to Bored Panda we’ve learned about one Game of Thrones fan who has their own unique way of honoring those mythical beasts.  A Bulgarian artist with the Instagram account of Kvant3D used 3D printing to create a lamp that looks like a dragon breathing fire and ice.

The dragon lamp (which sounds like the name of a tavern in Westeros) comes in at 25cm (9.8 inches) high. So basically, a little smaller than the actual dragons on the show were when they were hatched for Dany way back in season one of the series. This super cool lamp was created using 3D printing technology,  and is available for fans to buy via etsy for $63.59. The design of the lamp features a base that makes it look like the dragon is breathing fire once it’s turned on, and then it switches to looking like ice when the lamp is turned off. So you can say it’s Viserion by day, Drogon by night. The lamp has three color options: white, blue and red.

The artist has also made some other cool Game of Thrones inspired 3D printed art, including one of Jon Snow and Ghost  and all three dragons as baby hatchlings. You can check out these as well as some nifty 3D printed art of Marvel characters like Iron Man and Spidey, on the Kvant 3D Printing Instagram page.

Images: HBO