Kit Harington Refused to Spoil GAME OF THRONES’ Ending

It’s been tough waiting almost two years for Game of Thrones‘ final season, and despite speculation, we know very little about what will happen. That has to be a brutal feeling for both the cast and crew of the show, because even a tiny slip up during an interview could reveal something huge. So here’s our advice to them if they don’t want to be sacrificed to the Lord of Light by HBO – avoid talking to Stephen Colbert, because we’re not sure everyone will be able to hold out quite as well as Kit Harington did.

The former Lord Commander was a guest on The Late Show, and even though Colbert cleverly tried to find out how the show won’t end, therefore telling us some ways it might, the secret Targaryen prince was wise enough to keep mum. It was fun to watch him squirm though, including when he told the story about how Yrgitte, Harington’s real life wife Rose Leslie, scolded him for ruining season seven for her even though she asked him to.

You can see the actual pain on Harington’s face as he tries to navigate his mind and his tongue in real time (which seems only slightly less awful than that 55-night nightmare shoot), and we love it. We also wish we could be half as charming doing anything as he is while not answering questions.

We thought waiting all this time for Game of Thrones final season was torture, but now we know we had the better side of this deal. The show filmed season eight for 10 months, starting not that long after the last season ended, and the finale doesn’t air until May. That means the cast and crew has been living with this incredible pressure for just as long, and that’s much harder than not knowing.

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And what might be best for all of them until we’ve all seen the ending is to just avoid talking period, especially to Stephen Colbert.

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