Gorgeous Tabletop-Game Dice Earn $1.5 Million Backing in 24 Hours

One key component of most tabletop games is creativity. Bringing to life a world that is, in reality, oftentimes nothing more than cardboard, penciled digits, and pewter pieces takes a lot of imagination, which is obviously a big part of the fun. Keeping that in mind, what better way is there to spice up your game nights than with some astoundingly gorgeous dice that look like they were made by colliding together galaxies, unicorns, and Smaug’s gold?

Wang’s Kickstarter campaign video. 

These exceptionally beautiful dice—which are further displayed in the image gallery below—are the handiwork of Karen Wang, the creative mind behind the California-based company, Dispel Dice. Wang’s dice-making journey began several years ago, when she first discovered Dungeons & Dragons. Wang told Forbes that she started playing D&D some time in 2016, when her friend Derek invited her and others over to play the iconic RPG game in celebration of his birthday. This was a big deal for Wang, because she was dealing with depression at the time, and wasn’t investing much effort into going out and being with friends. But as soon as she discovered D&D, she found a sense of community, and, according to her Kickstarter profile, a place where she felt like she belonged.

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To give back to the D&D community in a creative way, Wang began making aesthetically appealing dice, and eventually turned her hobby into “a full-blown company” when she began Dispel. Cut to November of this year, and Wang’s Kickstarter campaign for her dice has earned an unbelievable $2.2 million as of this writing. $1.5 million of that came in the first 24 hours, and the amount pledged continues to grow by the minute.

It’s no wonder more than 18,000 backers have pledged millions of dollars to Wang’s Kickstarter though; each one of these sets of dice is beautiful in a unique way, which is especially true considering the fact that they’re handcrafted. As the Kickstarter notes, “Every artisan set is hand poured, polished, and painted…” and there is exactly zero automation involved. The sets also all have their own themes, which feature various brilliant colors, sparkling details, and precise contours. (Although Wang does note that, because the dice are handcrafted, they may occasionally contain slight imperfections.) On top of their beauty, these dice sets also have some of the best nomenclature ever, with set names like “Celestial Skies,” “Crimson Nebula,” “Royal Honey,” and “Mariana Trench.”

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For those tabletop-game players who have already decided that they will indeed commence with shutting up and having their money taken, here are the relevant details: A pledge of $48 will earn you one set of any one of the design styles on display, although that figure doesn’t include shipping and handling. Larger pledges, which go all the way up to $840, add on more and more sets, with that top tier delivering 20 sets, as well as one Kickstarter-exclusive set. Unfortunately, this round of pledges will have to wait until August of 2021 for their dice, which is obviously quite a while. All pledge levels, including a $12 pledge level that doesn’t come with any set of dice, also comes with super-cute pins though. So that’s a nice little bonus.

It’s unclear at this point whether or not this overwhelmingly positive response will lead to Wang expanding her company and expediting her delivery timelines, but even if many backers have to wait more than a year to receive their sets, we all still have the pictures to look at, which are a visual treat by themselves. Which means we can say with certainty that Wang is already fulfilling her desire to give back to a community that was just waiting for her to come rolling along with some of the most imaginative dice the game’s ever seen.

What do you think of gorgeous dice sets? Is there any one that stands out as particularly pretty to you? Pledging your opinions in the comments is free!

Images: Dispel Dice