Most of the time, there’s consistent chatter about the MCU. What’s up with the multiverse? Where the hell is Phase Five going? But that is beginning to shift as the DCU picks up steam. We’ve gotten a slate of awesome announcements, including the Superman: Legacy film and a Booster Gold series. We still have to wait to learn more about casting in a ton of roles. However, actor Frank Grillo revealed in an interview with that he is joining the DCU in some capacity.

Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow in MCU is now leaving to go to the DCU
Marvel Studios

He previously portrayed Crossbones in the MCU, specifically in films like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame. Grillo spoke about his dissatisfaction with how Brock Rumlow was handled in that universe, which he says sparked his movement to the DCU. The real question is, who would Frank Grillo play in the DCU? He makes for one hell of an antagonist but perhaps he would want to take a walk on the more heroic side. Maybe he could be a part of the Creature Commandos collective. Let’s see what happens.