[brightcove video_id=”5319107270001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]It’s been a mere 14 years since Fox canceled Joss Whedon‘s Firefly, and we’ve never fully gotten over it. And while the Serenity feature film offered up some much needed closure, thousands of loyal Browncoats have clamored for adventures set in the ‘verse. Fox has already revived The X-Files and 24, in addition to the upcoming Prison Break; which should demonstrate that the network has developed a taste for nostalgia programming. It turns out that the network may finally be open to putting Firefly back on the air, but there are a few major hurdles along the way. Today’s Nerdist News is going to explain what it would take to give us the Firefly revival that we deserve!Join host and Hands of Blue agent, Jessica Chobot, as she breaks down the recent statement by Fox President of Entertainment, David Madden. The short version is that Madden indicated that a Firefly revival is a possibility…but only if Whedon came back and was fully on board for the project. Considering that Whedon hasn’t produced a full time TV series since Fox canceled Dollhouse, he may not be that eager to return. Plus there’s the fact that he can pretty much write his own ticket as a feature film director, after helming the first two Avengers movies for Marvel.Let’s assume for a moment that Whedon would absolutely be up for a Firefly revival. Would the surviving cast members return? The Firefly cast has proven to be very close to each other even in the decade-plus since Serenity was released. However, Whedon has indicated that some of the cast are tired of being asked about a Firefly revival and seemingly ready to move on.If the cast doesn’t return, would fans accept a Firefly TV series with a brand new cast in place of their beloved favorites? Come on. Everyone knows that it’s impossible to out- Nathan Fillion the real Nathan Fillion. And the rest of the cast is equally irreplaceable in our hearts. The reality is that the hope for a Firefly revival may be as unrealistic as ever. But we’d never say never!Would you prefer a hard reboot of Firefly or a continuation of Serenity? Choose your path and let’s discuss in the comment section below!