The collaboration between The LEGO Group and Epic Games’ Fortnite continues to heat up. We recently shared the incredible new LEGO Fortnite game and LEGO Fortnite Islands. But now Fortnite players will be able to use LEGO in a whole new way—to build their very own LEGO Islands.

Creators can now Build LEGO Islands on Fortnite
Epic Games/The LEGO Group

New LEGO tools are coming to the Unreal Editor for Fortnite and Fortnite Creative. These will allow creators to design and publish LEGO Islands of their own in the world of Fortnite. For those who love building on Fortnite and love building with LEGO ( we know we do), it’s a match made in heaven. A release shares “Fortnite creators across the world will now be able to design and build their own LEGO Islands within Fortnite, using LEGO elements.  This will bring the iconic LEGO System in Play and its endless creative possibilities to life in a digital setting like never before.” LEGO elements, LEGO Styles, and LEGO Brand Assets are now available for use. There are four different templates available to help any new creators get started.

We can’t wait to see all the new LEGO builds that emerge. In addition to whatever creator-made fun lies in store, three more official LEGO Islands will also join Fortnite. They are:

LEGO Prop Hunt – builds on popular ‘Prop Hunt’ mechanics to create zany LEGO fun for you and other players within the expanse of a wacky shopping mall!

LEGO Battle Arena – allows gamers to become the next Spinjitzu master! You can enroll in special training at the LEGO NINJAGO Dojo with Lloyd and the Masters of Spinjitzu, where you can compete against other trainees, hone your skills, and prove yourself.  

LEGO Cat Island Adventure – a playful game all about meeting and nurturing your relationship with a friendly cat on an island and spending time together. Players need to complete tasks to keep their cat happy, and they’ll let you know if they are not! 

Okay, we’re sold on LEGO Cat Island Adventure! I can’t imagine a better Fortnite LEGO Island.