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Your First Six Bottles of Customized Wines From Firstleaf Are Now 66% Off

If you love good wine, then you know how disappointing it can be to force down a sour glass you’ve been looking forward to. Of course, a good oxygenator can help ensure a smoother pour, but it won’t fix a bad wine. With a service like Firstleaf, however, you won’t need to rationalize another bottle of wine again. In fact, it’s the only wine club that tailors quality choices to an individual member’s preferences. And with this limited-time offer through Nerdist, you can save 66% on your first order with Firstleaf and get six bottles of wine for only $29.95.

A pair of hands holding a wine bottle each above a box of Firstleaf wines.


With every new shipment, you can discover new wines specifically designed to fit your flavor profile. First, just answer a few short questions to begin shaping your custom taste profile. The more wines you rate, the more personalized your orders are. After rating just three wines, Firstleaf predictions have a 98% accuracy rate. Whether you’re just beginning your wine journey or have been building your cellar for years, each shipment will increasingly reflect your particular tastes. 

To make this club even better, Firstleaf’s selections are always evolving. The company is actually working with winemakers to develop wines with the feedback provided by members. Featured in Delish, Food & Wine, Vogue, and GQ, the first-class winemaking team travels the world to source top-quality, award-winning wines for its members. Sampling over 10,000 wines each year, less than 2% of the wines make the cut. That ought to give you an idea of the discerning quality of the selections that are shipped to your door. Every wine that makes it into Firstleaf must be artfully crafted, balanced, and delicious.

Take advantage of this special offer that takes 66% off your first order. Since this offer is only available for a limited time, you must act quickly to get your first 6 bottles of wine for only $29.95 shipped.

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