Netflix has responded to internet sleuths and set hounds obsessed with capturing unofficial images of the Continent’s new monster hunter by giving us an official look at him. The streamer has shared its first trailer with Liam Hemsworth’s as Geralt of Rivia on The Witcher. And while this promo doesn’t reveal anything about season four, it does show the White Wolf still loves wearing black.

The Henry Cavill era of The Witcher is truly over. Netflix has shared its first season four teaser, and this promo isn’t about the show or its upcoming story. The Witcher is all about its new star, Liam Hemsworth. He’s replacing Cavill, who left the show after season three.

This moody first-look The Witcher teaser features Liam Hemsworth’s Geralt walking with his horse through a murky swamp. It’s a setting we’ve seen the character in many times, reminding us that although the actor has changed the part has not. However, the promo opens with Geralt’s face covered by mist and shadows. The camera then zooms in on his medallion and black clothes. But just when it seems this might be a giant tease, Liam Hemsworth turns around and stares at the camera with his yellow mutant Geralt eyes.

THE WITCHER Shares First Look at Liam Hemsworth’s Geralt in New Teaser_1

Yup, that’s Geralt. Or at least “a Geralt.” At this point it’s still weird to think of anyone but Cavill in the role. That’s why this early look at Liam Hemsworth as The Witcher‘s Geralt is so important. It’s not about letting us see what he looks like in a white wig. It’s about getting viewers used to this new iteration of the character. Hemsworth and is Geralt are going to lead the way over the course of the fantasy series’ final two seasons, which will film back-to-back.

Some fans will never get over the change, but if both season four and Liam Hemsworth are good, that group will grow smaller with every new The Witcher episode. Now we just need a release date trailer to tell us when we’ll get them. It’s one thing to see the new Geralt. It’s another to see him in action.