Far Sector by N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell is a Green Lantern story unlike any other. A prescient, dazzling display of the compelling storytelling only the comic book medium can provide, this DC Comics book is part sci-fi mystery and part commentary on the state of our own nation. Far Sector is simply the best comic book you’re not reading right now.

Far Sector (DC Comics)

DC Comics

You don’t need any knowledge of the Green Lantern Corps‘ considerable history to get started. Far Sector introduces a new Lantern from Earth named Sojourner  “Jo” Mullein, who has been recruited to keep the peace on a planet in the farthest reaches of known space. The story begins as the first murder victim in 500 years is discovered in the City Enduring, and Jo is called in to help with the investigation.

Far Sector is a unique book: completely standalone but still very much part of the DC Universe. Jo, the newest Green Lantern, doesn’t have a grand origin story that was covered in the pages of some huge crossover event. Instead, her history and charismatic personality are revealed slowly in each issue. And while Jo’s background is fictional, it’s a story for this very real moment in time. It’s a story about protestors, police, and making suppressed voices heard.

DC Comics

Jemisin has crafted a society that feels both alien and familiar—technologically advanced but still divided by race and oppression. Campbell’s art, both the line work and coloring, is nothing short of stunning. The world of Far Sector feels strange and almost fantastical thanks the vibrant designs of both the alien races and the metropolis they inhabit.

Jo is immediately likable, confident, and capable. But she is not without fears of her own. Her Green Lantern powers don’t come from her will. They come instead from her drive to see justice done. There are hints that her tenure as a Lantern is temporary, but here’s hoping that she becomes as much of a vital part of the Corps as her cohorts Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

The DC Universe needs her.

Far Sector is now available at your local comic shop and on ComiXology.

Featured Image: DC Comics

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